The Transonics Change The ‘Tides’

"Utilizing melodic noise to illustrate both emotion and understated virtuosities of the most surreal quality, The Transonics are on a mission to embody lunar tonal lust like no band has for the better part of the last twenty years in their new EP Tides, currently out everywhere indie rock is sold and streamed this summer. Featuring modernist tunes like “Orange Sunshine,” the title cut, and the enrapturing “Midnight,” Tides uses pseudo-futurisms and rich poetic ironies to leave us utterly spellbound amidst relatively simplistic song structures. It’s a showcase for The Transonics’ talent, and collectively one of the best records I’ve heard out of their scene lately."

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The Transonics Release New EP

"From the leering and cerebral post-punk title cut to “Midnight” and “Tequila,” Tides is a six-track EP that stimulates intellectually and sonically, leaving little to wonder about this band’s legitimacy in the American underground today. The Transonics have a lot in common with the ferocious punk revivalists I remember taking over cities like Seattle, Portland, and the NorCal coastline some ten years ago on the fabled 101 line, but with one distinct difference – their ultimate aesthetic is rooted in experimenting with conventionality rather than the absurd and downright crude. They’re a thoughtful descendent of the indie pioneers of yesteryear, and present a college rock record in Tides that’s more appealing than almost any LP I’ve reviewed in the past couple of months."

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Album Review: The Transonics “Tides”

"I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of a full-length this band is going to cut as a follow-up to their 2019 greenhorn disc, but right now what they’ve got for us in the Tides EP showcases a group of players creating something more intellectually fascinating for the hardcore music buff than anything I’ve heard lately by leaps and bounds. The Transonics owe something to the post-punk and indie rock of the old school, but they’re also making a strain of rock n’ roll that belongs in the here and now."

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REVIEW: The Transonics — Tides (EP)

"Lyrically and musically, this is an extended play that has just about everything the serious alternative rock aficionado counts on from a premium release, and if granted the opportunity to do so I believe that The Transonics will get even better than this disc advertises. Lean and mean in the studio but unafraid of deep-thinking concepts, Tides is a must-listen if you’re into the next wave in credible indie rock."

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"I’m really happy I came across The Transonics and Tides this summer, as I think it’s an exceptional release from a group that had the potential to get even better than their 2019 debut suggested they could. They’ve come a long way in a really short amount of time, and if they remain on this present artistic trajectory, they’re going to find themselves leading a portion of the ongoing movement towards psychedelic-tinged punk and pop/rock before a lot of their contemporaries get their own sounds off the ground. Tides pushes the envelope ever so slowly to the left of the dial, and personally, I believe it’s only scratching the surface of what The Transonics are going to do with their next proper full-length album. I’ll be looking forward to covering it, and in the meantime I recommend noise-pop, alternative rock, and college radio fans around the country check out this latest piece to bear this band’s branding."

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The Transonics’ Release New EP “Tides”

"At once both retrospective and devilishly futuristic at the same time, creative duality hits us like a ton of bricks in the opening cut and title track of The Transonics’ new EP Tides, but as we listen on, its split personality becomes a point of cohesion no one in the audience will be able to ignore. What The Transonics are trying to pull off in this record is so much bigger than what you’d normally expect out of an extended play running just under thirty minutes in total length, but all things considered, their atmospheric melodicism and sharp lyricism couldn’t have found a better venue through which to shine. With nothing in this tracklist but single-quality diamonds, there’s no mining for personality nor musical wisdom in this fine new record."

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"Mega kudos to The Transonics, the fun-loving six piece power poppers from Columbia, South Carolina who sport not only a sly, sultry, full throated female lead singer (Patti Davis) who sounds delightfully like she just took the Delorean from the mid-80s, but also offer extensive, engaging and quirky details on how the six infectious tracks of their new EP Tides came to be.

If they’re new on your radar, you might spend more of your listening time pondering the s magical punchy, soulful, jangling and wholly contemporary fusion of classic surf, psychedelic rock and new wave elements created by David Burnett’s spirited guitarisma, keyboardist Michael Smith’s dazzling sonic hypnosis and drummer/percussionist Josh Brannon’s edgy, always imaginative grooving."

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EP PREMIERE: The Transonics – Tides

Superbly wrought, rippling with a scope of stylistic flavours, from undulating sensuality to the raw impudence of pop-punk, Tides is a grand EP.

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